The Best Bachelor’s Degrees for the future in South Africa

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

These bachelor’s degrees will be perfect for you if you are really interested in investing in your future.

If you are currently deciding what bachelor’s degree to study, you may need to pay attention to the following list. There are certain bachelor's degrees that may help you succeed in the future.

So, these are the best bachelor’s degrees for the future in South Africa: 

1- Computer Information Systems

Computer-related bachelor’s degrees are becoming more and more popular every day, and they are becoming more demanded than ever in South Africa. The most in-demand jobs are offered for graduates in management information systems degrees.

2- Chemical Engineering

A bachelor’s degree in any kind of engineer promises a bright future to every student who decides to study it. This degree mostly includes biology, chemistry and physics. 

3- Medical Assistance

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are hiring more and more every day medical assistants. This implies that job offerings in the field are growing very fast. 

A medical assistant is mostly responsible of carrying a doctor’s orders, working in hospitals or environments where clinical skills are required. 

4- Medical Technology

Medical technology is another career in the healthcare field with a promising future. Students will be faced with a program that includes biology, chemistry and clinical laboratories knowledge. Also, the employment rates regarding this degree  are increasing. 

5- Electrical engineering 

This definitely isn't an easy degree, but it comes with high potential compensation and employment opportunities. When you finish your studies, you may find a job in many large corporations. 

6- Construction management 

Construction management is another college degree with increasing demand in employment. Who gets this degree will be the one that controls building operations. 

7- Nursing

Nurses have had a steady employment rate in the past few years. However, this has slowly started to change. The fast-growing population of newborns and elderly people also creates more demand for nurses in South Africa. 

Any of these bachelor’s degrees will be perfect for you and your future. All of these fields in current growth in South Africa, and the entire world. 

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