Higher education in South Africa: discover what's new and what is the perfect career for you

Marketing during Covid-19 Times: how to implement it to thrive in difficult times?

    Everything has changed. During the past six months, the entire world has had to face many challenges it wasn’t prepared to face. The Covid-19 has ruined many lives and changed them for good. The world has gone through hand sanitation, social distancing, lockdown and extreme fear. Many also had to experience getting sick, seeing a loved one get sick and, in many cases, losing a loved one because of this pandemic. Let’s see how this virus has impacted on marketing and if it has changed it as much as everything else.

8 Interesting Facts about Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela was the first freely elected President in South Africa. Before that, he suffered discrimination and segregation for most of his life, and even incarceration because of his constant struggle against apartheid. 

Why study International trade? Discover this top Bachelor's degree offered by the North-West University

    Thanks to globalisation, it has been possible for countries to exchange goods they lack from other countries so that every country benefits from each other. International trade between different countries is an important factor in raising living standards, providing employment and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods. If you are interested in studying International Trade, then you should consider pursuing the Bachelor’s degree offered by the North West University.

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