Discover the wide variety of Masters of Science in Health Sciences that Stellenbosch University has to offer you!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Are you interested in advancing your career in health but you cannot decide which one will be the best one for you? Stellenbosch University offers you a wide range of Master of Science in Health Professions so that you can make sure you choose the one that is most appropriate for you.

Stellenbosch University is a top University in South Africa. It is recognized for preparing its students to apply the skills and knowledge they acquire during their studying years in a successful way. Its master’s degrees are top quality and they equips students with the advanced education they need to become responsible, thorough and resourceful health professional. 

These innovative, interdisciplinary, and interprofessional programs from Stellenbosch University offer healthcare professionals unique opportunities to leverage their clinical experience and perspectives and to gain education skills, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. 

Graduates of these health professions programs emerge as aspiring and inspiring leaders. They are well prepared to lead in an ever-changing healthcare environment and well positioned to succeed in ever-expanding roles and careers within traditional healthcare and training environments, as well as in emerging healthcare delivery channels.  

Here are the top Health related Master’s Degrees offered by Stellenbosch University so that you can be sure you find the right one for you:

These programs offered by Stellenbosch University are designed to prepare the best and the brightest health professionals, leveraging state-of-the-art research and best practices at the intersection of health and education to significantly influence the future of healthcare.

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