Which are the best Universities to study Architecture in South Africa?

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Architecture overall aim is to design buildings of any kind that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. If you are considering pursuing a degree in Architecture, you should know which universities offer the best programmes in South Africa to be sure you receive the best education possible.

Why should you study Architecture?

Architects are prepared to combine the principles of utility, durability, and beauty in order to make long-lasting, quality buildings that are both aesthetic and safe.

Are you fond of designing? Do you appreciate the beauty and complexity of buildings? Then a career in Architecture is the right fit for you. Some other reasons why you should pursue Architecture include:

  • To become a strategic Problem Solver: Architecture programmes teach students to solve problems critically and efficiently. Architects are constantly solving problems because it is a challenge to consider all aspects of a building’s needs, design elements, structural elements, aesthetics, and much more.
  • To travel the world: Every architect or architecture student must travel the world. They examine the different kinds of structures and buildings that different cultures and countries are used to in order to have a wide repertoire of ideas when designing and so that they know which structures are the most resistant and efficient.
  • To acquire important skills: Architecture involves interdisciplinary work. You must be creative so as to develop new and innovative designs as well as analytical in order to make sure you are creating a useful and secure design. 
  • To evolve constantly: Architecture is a constantly evolving and changing field. If you wouldn’t go for a monotonous job, architecture is just right for you. This field is evolving all the time in order to meet the demands of the industry. Materials and construction methods are evolving and improving constantly, so architects need to live up to that challenge to avoid falling behind.
  • To be independent: You can work with a team of other architects, at an architecture firm, or, you may work by yourself, wherever you prefer. This career path will allow you to work independently and to be in charge of your own schedule.

What is an Architect’s job? 

Architects are in charge of understanding how structures and materials work in order to develop concepts, blueprints, detailed drawings for new buildings or for conserving old ones. They use both creativity and practicality to create innovative and useful designs that meet the clients’ needs. In addition to the general look of the building and its utility, architects must take into account other factors as well, among them functionality, security and economy. Architects may perform the following tasks:
  • discuss requirements of clients or builders and prepare a brief
  • prepare sketches, production drawings and detailed drawings 
  • combine structural, mechanical and artistic elements into the building design
  • discuss designs and cost estimates with clients and others involved in the project
  • obtain necessary approvals from authorities
  • prepare specifications and contract documents; observe, inspect and monitor building work
  • evaluate projects once they are completed and occupied.

Best Universities to study Architecture in South Africa

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