Where Should You Study for a Business Degree?

Thursday, 10 February 2022

Considering pursuing a degree in Business? Here are the best universities in South Africa to study business.

Once we choose what we want to study, there’s another big decision coming: Where to pursue the degree of our dreams.

This decision is as tough as choosing the degree itself, as there are many aspects we need to bear in mind and that will impact our future in different ways. 

If you want to make sure you get the best education in the country and study in a prestigious environment that stands out because of its business programmes, studying at one of the best universities for business in South Africa is key. Here we share them with you.

The world of business is extremely competitive, which is why pursuing a business degree at one of the most prestigious universities in South Africa will enable you to acquire the tools, skills and knowledge to excel and stand out from the crowd. 

How do I make sure I get the best education in Business?

When studying business, being eager to learn and acquire the right skills should be the number 1 priority. You need to look for a program that enables you to develop skills like leadership, teamwork, analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, working under pressure, among many other highly demanded skills that will enable you to boost your résumé.

Typically, business programs are aimed at providing students with the opportunities to acquire these skills. However, studying at one of the best universities for business degrees in the country is also a way to be in a position of advantage when competing for your future dream job. 

Interested in studying business? It’s important that you are aware of what the best universities in South Africa to study Business are.

Why pursue a degree in Business?

Choosing what to study is a tough process. There are a lot of aspects students need to consider when choosing a degree, including their interests, passions, and abilities on the one hand, and on the other, the degrees’ employability, career options, earning potential, among others.

Are you interested in business? Then you are on the right track! There is a wide range of career options in the Business world, all of them with a high earning potential and many opportunities for growth and career advancement.

A Bachelor’s degree in Business is the first step towards pursuing a career in Business. There’s a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees in Business you can choose from and each of them has different prospects. 

With a Business-related Bachelor’s degree, you will be able to have a wide variety of career options. And if you decide to pursue a Master’s degree afterwards, you will make sure you have even more opportunities.

Best Universities to Study Business in South Africa

1. University of Cape Town

2. University of the Witwatersrand

3. University of Pretoria

4. University of Stellenbosch

5. Rhodes University

6. North-West University

7. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

8.  University of South Africa

If you choose any of these universities, you will make sure you acquire the best business skills and knowledge in the world! 

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