Risk Management: What is it all about?

Friday, March 19, 2021

There are several in-person and online programmes that prepare students to work in a company. Some of them are related to risk management, so let’s dive into that matter.

In-person and online programmes related to risk management are not so well-known, but they have a lot to offer. Of course, they address this specific topic related to a company’s functioning, so they prepare professionals who are entirely dedicated to this area.

During the course of these in-person and online diplomas, students learn that risk management involves not only trying to manage the risks a company faces. Professors who give lectures at these in-person and online programmes state that a central part of the process is identifying the risks before they harm the company in any way.

Professionals who give lectures in these in-person and online diplomas also say that there are different risk categories, that they often divide into these groups:

  • Reputational: related to the company’s image.
  • Compliance: related to law and different regulations according to the sector the company belongs to.
  • Environmental: related to events that the company can’t control.
  • Operational: related to administrative processes.
  • Financial: related to the financial structure of the company.
  • Strategic: related to the decisions the company has made to achieve its objectives.

Of course, the people who graduate from these in-person and online programmes must follow a strategy when it comes to managing those risks. The most common method (the one that students are taught during the course of in-person and online diplomas related to risk management) consists of identifying, assessing, managing and then monitoring the risk. Of course, each student will develop their own technique, but that’s one that rarely fails.

Which institutions offer in-person and online diplomas related to risk management?

In South Africa, the number of in-person and online programmes available is high and ever-growing. However, when it comes to this particular field of study, the best option might be the Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management offered by the Management College of South Africa. It is just one of the many online diplomas offered by this institution and it has a length of one year.

If you want to get more information about this programme or any of the other in-person and online programmes available in different South African institutions, you can begin your search by visiting our website: www.startuniversity.co.za

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