MANCOSA offers you 6 completely online Postgraduate Diplomas so that Covid-19 doesn't completely ruin your life

Monday, May 18, 2020

In this uncertain time, Covid-19 has already ruined so many plans and lives. It’s time to put a stop to this virus and start taking care of our own lives from another perspective: education. It’s time that you consider advancing your career and develop more skills that will boost your career. The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) offers you these top online programmes through distance learning. Studying a postgraduate diploma will bring about many benefits for your career.

Why study an online Postgraduate Diploma at MANCOSA?

If you study an online postgraduate diploma, you will deepen your understanding of your field of studies. This will help you improve your job options because you will compete from a more advantageous position. 

Reasons why you should study an online postgraduate diploma offered by MANCOSA:

  • More job prospects: in the current world, workers face competitive working environments. It can never hurt to increase your skills and knowledge and improve your resume. That's why studying an online postgraduate diploma offered by MANCOSA would enhance your chances of getting a promotion or a better job.
  • Less studying time: if you are interested in advancing your career but you don’t have time to commit to on-campus education, an online postgraduate diploma is the best option. Generally, postgraduate diplomas are shorter than Master’s degrees. Plus, you have the opportunity to study from the comfort of your home because MANCOSA offers them completely online through distance learning.
  • Better finances: generally, Postgraduate Diplomas cost less than Master’s degrees so you can advance your career while taking care of your finances. 

Moreover, advancing your knowledge and skills will allow you to increase your earning potential and your job prospects. 

Here are the online Postgraduate Diplomas offered by MANCOSA through distance learning:

Apply appropriate security frameworks, critically appraise the legal process of using technology, interrogate different approaches that can be used for research, assess  the modern trends in information systems, critically evaluate the drivers of strategy implementation and solve problems through the use of artificial intelligence.

The distance learning Postgraduate Diploma in Risk Management facilitates a streamlined approach needed by organisations to combat the broad negative effects of risks that are unforeseen while strengthening and deepening knowledge in an existing qualification. 

The online Postgraduate Diploma in Family Business Management is directed at enabling students with cognate undergraduate qualifications and relevant qualifications to further develop their functional and strategic competencies in the field of family business management.

The distance learning Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management enables students to develop an advanced understanding of concepts, approaches and tools relevant to the field of project management. Project management impacts directly on the growth and advancement of most modern organisations and is a much-sought-after qualification.

This distance learning PGDip will enable you to discover a new way to address regulatory, leadership and management challenges to embrace opportunities in the educational environment. 

The online Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management provides students with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies in the key functional areas of management. This programme will ensure that students are able to apply their management competencies to the complex and changing business environment in order to drive organisational growth.

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