E-commerce Manager: The New Key Position in Companies

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Learn all about what you need to know about the new key position in companies: The e-commerce manager.

E-commerce is the new phenomenon of this century. Who doesn’t want to shop from the comfort of their couch? It’s a sure success. However, someone has to take care of everything needed to carry out this process. Here is where the e-commerce manager comes into the picture. 

With Covid-19 and the pandemic, the role of the e-commerce manager has grown exponentially. The great growth involving sales, markets and shoppers online has made necessary the role of a supervisor committed to this specific part of the sales department. 

The person in charge of this specific chart needs to have a global view of the whole process in order to control and supervise it. Next, it will be his role to report it to his superiors in the sales department. That is why, whoever takes responsibility in this manner has to have abilities regarding business programs. 

We can’t forget that we are dealing with one of the most important positions in a company nowadays, and the activities regarding it will be as hard as we can imagine. The e-commerce manager will be bouncing between designing a work plan, supervising the employees under his position and carrying out the plan. 

The e-commerce manager will be in charge of the hiring process, looking for suppliers, establishing the sales canals, designing the sales strategy among the communication department and improving customer loyalty. 

There are many bachelor’s degrees you can study to become an e-commerce manager, that will give you the tools you need in order to fulfill your duty, many of them related to business programs, as marketingbusiness management

Nevertheless, there are some typical features you may need to have to succeed as an e-commerce manager, such as creativity, proactivity, dialogue skills, leadership, among others. All of them will come in handy when working in any position at a company. 

So, if you are interested in this new phenomenon called e-commerce, what are you waiting to become an e-commerce manager? It will be perfect for you. 

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